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Wearable both hands Haptic device


Wire-driven 6DOF Haptic device


Scalable 6DOF Haptic device



ArachnoForce is exploring the possibilities of force display technology. We will develop products that provide extremely realistic force display.
Force display technology is used in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, medicine, education, and entertainment such as games, and is expected to be used in the future. ArachnoForce will contribute to society by utilizing the research and development of force display technology and force display devices that it has cultivated over many years.


Arachnoforce is based on the force feedback technology that has been developed over many years of research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Arachnoforce's SPIDAR is a wire-driven force feedback device.
The drive unit of the SPIDAR system consists of wires, pulleys, and DC motors. The lightweight drive unit allows for a significant reduction in inertia during operation that is not possible with other force feedback devices, resulting in extremely high-fidelity force feedback.


<Robot remote control>
Shake hands with a remote robot
Universal Robots.

Physical assessment application
Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Teaching materials to experience the intermolecular forces
Two-handed operation with two devices.

<Virtual Reality>
Building block puzzle demo